What is Faucethub?

FaucetHub is a Microwallet. It acts & serves like a middleman between the hundreds of faucets and your crypto currency wallet (For example Coinbase, Blockchain, Dogechain, Coinpayments, Cryptonator etc.). Faucets are websites that dispenses Bitcoins in Satoshi, Dogecoin in DOGE, Litecoin in Litoshi to visitors in exchange for completing the captchas. All payouts are sent instantly into your FaucetHub account and are automatically credited to your wallet address. You can request for payment into your crypto currency wallet once you reach the minimum required amount for payment.

How can I earn bitcoin here?

There many ways to earn bitcoin and other alt coins at FaucetHub. The main way is by visiting and claiming from the many faucets found here. Click on "TOP FAUCETS" and you will be taken to a list of some of the many faucets that use FH as their payment service. From there, you will also find tabs for the many other alt coins supported by FH and their faucets. By upgrading to Premium, you will also unlock a list of additional faucets not available to regular users.

Another way to earn coins is by participating in the chat room/chat box. Every hour 50 active chat users will get BTC satoshi "rained" on them by the "rainmaster". Funds are taken from the "rainpool" and divided randomly among 50 active users. And while in the chat room/box, you may also be lucky enough to get coins from other users who will rain or tip from time to time. Commands to make your own rain and tips can be found in the "HELP" tab of the chat box.

Offerwalls (OW) are yet another way users may earn coins at FH and can be found in the "FREE BITCOIN" tab at the top. While the offerwalls may not be available to users in some geographic locations, they can be an effective method for earning for those that are able to use them.

The fourth way a user can earn at FH is by playing the games offered here, found in the "GAMES" tab. You can play dice, rock-paper-scissors, or the lottery. While you may lose more often than you win, the possibility to win big attracts a lot of users. Use caution and your best judgement when playing the games.
My withdraw status shows "SENT". Why haven't I received my coins?

If the transaction shows a "SENT" status in your Withdraw History on the Dashboard Withdraw Tab then your withdraw has been sent onto the blockchain.

My withdraw is UNCONFIRMED
Allow up to 3-7 days for the funds to be confirmed and arrive in your wallet after sent time. Please do not contact support regarding unconfirmed transactions, we are not in control of the blockchain.

My withdraw is CONFIRMED and it's still not in my wallet
If your withdraw is confirmed on the blockchain but the funds are not in your wallet, then please contact your wallet provider or seek help elsewhere as after the funds are sent there is nothing we can do on our end.
What do levels do?

The higher level you have on site, the more you will be able to get from your referrals. Every 10 levels = +0.1% on your referrals. It's in your best interest to bring more users to the site. It's a win-win situation for both, users & FaucetHub.

Higher levels also unlock higher betting tiers on some of the games

There are MANY more additional features that will be added in the very near future and when they are, this FAQ will be updated.
What is a Premium user, and what are the benefits?

Premium membership costs 5000 sats per day, with a discount for purchasing more than 30 days.

Some of the benefits of premium membership include:

• For Owners & Users: Reduced trade fees in the Exchange from 0.5% to 0.3%

• For Owners & Users: Access to the Premium Ticket Bot & Rambo Dice Bot

• For Users: Unlock access to the full & unrestricted Top Faucets list

• For Owners & Users: Post clickable links and formatted text in the chat

• For Owners & Users: Your chat username will receive a and become decorated, showing off your title

• For Owners: Your faucets are automatically put into the Premium Faucets list and get seen by everyone

• For Owners: Receive an email when your faucet is out of funds and requires a top-up

• For Owners: Your faucets are protected by our Transparent Anti-Fraud System

• For Developers: Access to the exclusive Faucet List API for building external list sites & rotators
I didn't get my 2FA email code

At times our email system can be slow and it may take up to 10 minutes or longer for emails to arrive. In most cases they will arrive 99% of the time without issues.
In some cases, though, certain issues can cause them to never arrive.

    Make sure your email address on your account is correct and valid. If there was a typo then the email will never arrive.

    If you use a highly custom or non-standard email provider it may reject emails from our system. If this is the case contact support and provide a second email address to change it on your account.

2FA One Time password has been activated without my consent?

If you have not chosen to enable 2FA on your account then this leaves it open to an attacker who knows your account password and login username. This is a security risk for you, and therefore we introduced a mandatory 2FA on all accounts in the form of IP whitelisting and authorisation.

If you are logging into your account for the first time on a new IP address then 2FA will be activated once only. After you have validated this IP, you can continue to login as normal without the need for any 2FA code. For security reasons, this feature cannot be disabled.

Expected error message: New IP Detected To protect your accou


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